Pinus chip

With high density, providing a better quality of paper and plates produced by your company.

Wood chips

Although it is considered a byproduct of production, it is an important item in the market where Baldan Woodcutter operates. It prioritizes quality delivery, through continuous improvements in the disc chipping process. With our manufacturing process, it is possible to achieve a more improved final result of the chip, making it excellent for the production of paper and plates, such as MDF.


  • Certified chip, meeting the customer’s needs.
  • Baldan Wood Chip is produced respecting the classification and safety standards in its manufacturing process.
  • Madeireira produces large quantities of chips, thus guaranteeing a large scale supply for your company.

Know more products


A Pallet is composed of several components in its construction, get to know in more detail all the components produced by Madeireira Baldan .


We make pinus wood panels, which are used in the production of furniture, decoration articles for environments and so on. The production of this material follows several quality standards.


In the area of civil construction, we count on the production of door frames and jambs with great cost-benefit. These products can be chosen without finishing and pre-finished with a first painting.