Pallet components

We are specialists in pallet components, check our options and contact us.

We make several components for pallets

To find out more, send your pallet project to us, who will give you a quotation for the supply of pine sawn timber dried in kilns and treated against pests, or even some specific component, should you need it.


  • Certified wood meeting the qualities required by the customer.
  • Sawn timber from Baldan Wood is produced respecting the classification and safety standards in its manufacturing process.
  • Wood treated in phytosanitary process, heat treatment (HT) and kiln drying (KD).
  • Sawn timber is sold both in the domestic and export markets.

Know more products


Used for the production of plywood sheets such as MDF, Baldan Wood offers the market high quality pinus chip, with production within environmental standards.


We make pinus wood panels, which are used in the production of furniture, decoration articles for environments and so on. The production of this material follows several quality standards.


In the area of civil construction, we count on the production of door frames and jambs with great cost-benefit. These products can be chosen without finishing and pre-finished with a first painting. 


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